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To test the waters

2010-01-22 16:14:57 by J-Ripz

Im looking for a decent enough engineer to collab on a few projects with. If anybody is interested leave me a message. Mostly work on vocals, but we have a few beatz in production 2. Gotta be able to master the lyrics and mix the track down at least. Everything else will follow. Hit me up for more information.

Doesn't really sound like

2009-04-02 15:30:35 by J-Ripz

Too much i'v heard had my head rockin. Haven't heard 2 much on here dat I would imagine hearin in da club, or bumpin in my wip. How bout sumthin datz gonna blow my trunk off? or somethin datz gonna break da windowz out my house? Soundz like this place revolves around mastery reviewz rather than feeling behind da beat. You can either be da brain or da star, not both, and if you iz both, then you need not be here.

Listen to it

2009-04-01 19:58:42 by J-Ripz

It soundz 2 me like ng is overrun with peop who don't know what modern hip hop really iz. Like they tryna mix hip hop and techno 2gether, and it'z failing mizerably.